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notified. i went to see him. he was a reservist and. he lived in virginia. i drove out there to see him and talk to him and show them what i had. he slammed his fist down on the table and says, i have sas teams here and here and here. we put people in here. the helicopter ser. you know, so they could get to these guys of the went down because they expected a lot more offense. it turns out that he really felt that he needed to keep doing this job. he went back full time in the reserves running a unit, running the survey that looked later on. he was on that team working trying to fi again. >> can you talk to me more about what happened? >> as he parachuted to the desert floor and started on the ground, he was a soldier, not maybe there anymore. he had to survive. he was taught well and pay close attention to everything. he did well. he was carrying the item that aviators are given to carry with them that has different languages and who i am. if you -- there is a reward for me. it to be a number of things. but take me back, turning back door to my command. and so he has that with him. i wa
're watching 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books on c-span2's tv. welcome to virginia beach on booktv. with the help of our communicate and cable partners, for the next hour we'll talk with local authors about their books with national storylines as well as looking at the history and culture of virginia beach. we start out with author amy waters yarsinske and her book "an american in the basement," which chronicles the cover-up of the death of navy captain michael scott speicher in 1991 gulf war. >> scott speicher was very young, 33 when he went missing, navy pilot, father of two, kind of nice family started down in jacksonville, florida,. >> why the interest in him? >> the time he went missing and to read the headlines i thought this is odd he does why aren't they looking for him? why aren't they doing this? certain protocol that follows when something like this happens. if you think about this in the terms of the way i would think about it, about 1994, i started getting more interested in more interested in what was going on. because i would hear things here and there, people talk
last year were a national scandal when it came to the election. but you know what? virginia was right there with them. get in line. the virginia elections found voters standing for three hours, four hours, five hours, seven hours? seven hours in a line to vote in a state that considers itself a cradle of american democracy. only four states had longer average wait times than virginia in this past election. a survey by "new york times" found it took twice as long to cast a ballot in virginia as in ohio, and ohio was really bad. after the election, the state legislature decided to take action. they decided to do something about how hard it was to vote in virginia in 2012. they decided they would make it even harder to vote going forward. virginia republicans in the house rejected a bill that would allow for more absentee voting, more early voting, so at least the senior citizens wouldn't have to stay there all day. republicans in the virginia senate voted to let that go indefinitely the way virginia voters get to wait in line indefinitely. instead of making it so the older folks don't h
, maine, nevada, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, texas, virginia, wisconsin, all over the country tonight and tomorrow. mayors against illegal guns will start running new ads in seven states. they are asking senators to vote in favor of the bipartisan background checks proposal that's moving forward in the senate thanks to this week's vote. the husband of congresswoman gabby giffords mark kel low, he has recorded robo calls that started going out today to west virginia and pennsylvania. west virginia and pennsylvania specifically because the robo calls are thanking the bipartisan nra "a" rated pair of senators who were brave enough to put the background checks bill forward. they are from pennsylvania and west virginia. there's a lot going on. the vote in the senate is still a week away. but the core, the center, the reason this is happening, politically, is that the surviving family members of these people who have been killed in our country have found the strength to try to stop what happened to them from happening to somebody else's family. the teves family in arizona from tryin
direction as you approach the [indiscernible] news that the intersection near west virginia ,venue and mount all of it ward they will close down that intersection because of a water main break. it is just coming in. virginia, we are ok on 95 with the major lanes (-- major lanes open. , a stringis morning of attacks, including a number of car bombings in iraq. the violence comes less than a week after the first countries -- after the country's first elections. although this is taking place as as the u.s. and other countries remain alert for north missileeparing for its launch. >> secretary john kerry is heading home after a trip to seoul, japan, and >> celebrations sparked the 101st birthday of the nation's founding. turned out onnds the streets of pyongyang to a respect. ,lthough the situation is tense people have bright faces and are very happy. comes asratory mood the missile launch keeps the region on edge. the government today doubled down on the thread. and high-all-out war quality nuclear weapons. john kerry says there still hope for peace that the u.s. wants to avoid confrontation but
and applause] yes, virginia and sodomy because v.a. is for lovers of missionary position. [laughter] >> the republican nominee for governor in virginia has come out against oral sex and anal sex, not just the gay kind, the married consenting adult variety as with the. >> jon: wait, what? wait, there's a married adult oral sex variety? am i right, people? married people know what i'm talking about, snriet sodomy i would settle for some gamorah at this point. that guy doesn't know. she doesn't either but those three. seriously love is a beautiful inning in. the word needs more of it. god bless. get home safer. [ laughter ] [laughter] that was weird. [ laughter ] so current virginia attorney general ken pucinell circumstances not a fan of sodomy. he is a mean -- penile traditionalist he likes his sex like his coffee, hot, black and exclusively in the have ninea. and now jimmy carter and the guinea worm. [ laughter ] but virginia's sodomy laws were struck down by the court what is kuch doing to do about it. >> he filed an afeel keep virginia's sodomy laws on the books. >> jon: that law
the internet sales, if you buy a gun on theber internet and i want to -- i'm in west virginia, and i want to buy it from senator toomey in pennsylvania, and he has a gun for sale and i want to buy it. the law today for me to by enter state, from west virginia to pennsylvania. mr. toomey would have to send that firearm to a licensed dealer in west virginia and i have to have a background check done before i can take possession of that. so we're not creating new law. all we're seeing is if you go to a gun show there will be background checks for all guns. if you buy on the internet there will be a background check where it's in state or out of state. this is basically a criminal and a mental background check. a criminal and a mental background check. and that criminal and mental brown check is you have to have been found guilty by a court that you are a criminal or found mentally insane by a court. that you should not be able to buy a gun. that's all. so all this talk is just falsehood. if you're a law-abiding gun owner, a proud gun owner and like shooting and go hunting with your friends a
virginia. moderate showers and most of that is going to stay to our south this morning. be prepared to get your umbrella. we'll have showers through the morning commute. we have wet pavement in prince north county and the district. storm team four high definition radar not picking up shower activity. to our south and in parts of north central virginia. right now the temperatures are in the mid and upper 50s around much of the region. that includes the nearby suburbs and near the chesapeake bay. here is how we are looking. through 10:00 scattered showers by 10:00. and by noon time 60s and cloudy. this evening in ten minutes let's look at traffic now. >> good morning. looking at the beltway right now no delays or incident is being reported. watch out for the pavement it can cause slick conditions. looking at route 109. no delays, all lanes are open. again here is 270 as you are getting off the spur onto the beltway back to you. >> the senate could vote as early as wednesday. few more republicans say they will support that measure. we expect susan collins and illinois senator mark kirk to vot
:00 this morning, we will hear from former virginia governor jim gillmor and the head of a national commission on terror response about those attacks. channell be on our news eight >> . virginia's campus will pause to remember six years since the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. a gunman killed and 32 students and faculty members beginning at ceremony-- with the beginning at midnight. there will be a moment of silence at 9:43 a.m. followed by a community picnic later today. bostonirs is giving taxpayers a break after yesterday's attack. and otherre on that business news, linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning to you. >> hello. we will see of stocks will bounce back today after taking a hit yesterday as the boston marathon tragedy unfolded. stocks plunged, suffering their biggest monday decline since november. stock-index futures are indicating a higher open this morning. we spoke with a fund manager in asia. he said the boston attack is bad news for market sentiment but he believes the impact on the stock market is temporary as investors wait for more developments. a
an umbrella out there. we have scattered showers. not a lot of rain across virginia and the eastern shore. closer look here showing scattered showers here. montgomery arlington and fairfax. j just enough to make the pavement wet. temperatures in the low and mid 50s and in the mountains closer to washington in the mid and upper 50s. we are going to hold steady here in the 50s. here is your hour by hour forecast. we will be holding steady in the 50s. light rain and drizzle perhaps and then by noon time cloudy and temperatures should be into the mid 60s. look at the rest of the day the a afternoon and evening. that is coming up in ten minutes. let's look at traffic. g good morning. >> good morning, tom. good morning everyone. good mor%ing everyone. traveling the beltway both the inner and outer loops. still have construction zones to w worry about. canal road and chambridge road shut down due to construction. southbound 355. the left lane gets by only. in prince george county pp pennsylvania avenue. left lane is getting by in both directions. we have breaking news out of korea. > >> good mor
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years later. with massacres such as columbine, virginia tech and the newtown shooting. so you have to ask the question, hat is the solution? ohn fund, a columnist, explains. >> we have those who want to focus on the guns, and other people want to focus on the criminally insane or the criminal minds behind these horrific incidents. >> what is the answer? >> but i also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that ak-47's belong in the hands of soldiers, not the hands of criminals. create a national database of the mental ill. >> i'm offering a third choice. fortify our schools. update the school design to match the dangerous time we live in. finally, implement metal detectors. these may not completely eradicate weapons invading our schools but at least we would know that we took that extra step, we took the extra mile to prevent prev -- to prevent it from happening. an international business leader and high school teacher grew up in the land of egypt. >> also overseas, i've seen it in many countries such as egypt, saudi arabia, france, spain, all over europe, the fence is a bric
virginia, all of those famous monuments, heavy security. right in here, near freedom plaza, you don't see a lot of security, but you can't miss the cameras and that police are watching us and they have live bodies in front of those cameras. today was emancipation day. it's a big day in the city. it's a holiday. big parade, lots of food. went off without a hitch. >> it's a city holiday, time for families, food, and a parade. one day after the boston marathon attack. turned out to commemorate emancipation day 1863. that's when president lincoln abolished slavery in d.c. >> this is a very important occasion and i think that given the society that we're in, it does call to our attention that we need to do more about violence. >> can't be. we have already gone through a lot. >> talk of boston, thoughts of the explosion victims and a possible attack here were everywhere today. >> i know security is very good in washington, d.c. and the parade must go on and the celebration cannot stop. >> i know you are busy. what do you think of the turnout? we're on high alert. people are concerned, wha
. >>> a teenage girl accused of sexting in northern virginia, why some say there was a double standard in the way she was published. >> everything was loud, i heard the explosion, called 911, i was waiting for the firefighters to come. >>> the fight to reach three college students trapped as the house went up in flames around them. >>> and temperatures will continue to warm as we finish off the workweek. but cooler air arrives for the weekend. your complete forecast coming up >>> honoring the victims of virginia tech, the solemn . >> neighbors in arlington say they watched as two women jumped from the second floor of a burning home. the fire started this morning along north dinwiddy street. the flames were so intense it took more than 50 firefighters to get it under control. three people were home at the time. crews rushed two of them to the hospital with burns. the fire trapped a third person, samantha pazzo in the basement of the house. >> when i saw the smoke outside the door and i was trapped, i just had one exit, which was the back door. and the fire was in the back of the house. >> firefigh
sufferers. >> let's check in with julie to see if the morning commute is good so far so good. west virginia avenue, that is ti where we have the roadway ro shutdown that is due to a waterr main break. we will continue with the cameras, no accidents to report out here on the roads, southbound 355 still dealing with thend 3 overnight construcn at cedar lane, stay single file to the left to get through withh little delay. no problems to report on 270 on2 coming from hyattstown headed thougtoclarksburg, and still goo if you are traveling from manassas, centreville and out to fair oaks. that's a check fox 5 on time traffic. >>> a news alert where the fbi i has joined the search for a missing 5-year-old boy.year-oldy >> he was last seen more than an week ago and his father says he fears for his son's safety. melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters with the leastest on the story. >> reporter: cam ran sarafin was last seen on april 6th, apr that is when his father went to pick from the mother's apartmene complex. ther has not heard a word from his son or son's mother. it's believed that. re
to the fbi's laboratory in quantico, virginia. the examiners there will reconstruct the device and determine the makeup and components. among the items recovered are pieces of black nylon which could be pieces of a backpack, and what appeared to be fragments of bee-bee's and nails partially contained in the device. we are delivering this to our lab in virginia for a complete authnd and, thorough analysis. in addition, the items were placed in a dark colored nylon backpack. the bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it. at this point it is difficult to determine the specific components used until we can eliminate the other factors present in the environment. in fact, we wouldn't know with some certainty until the laboratory completes its final review. away from the scene yesterday afternoon, the jttf began its investigation. immediately after the bombing, the fbi initiated a command post. those assigned to the jttf intelligence analysts and other personnel from every state, local and federal government agency associated with jttf, and many others on their own's
charger, the getaway car, told the front of the car had virginia tags and the back of the car had illinois plates. >> thank you. she reported there was no gun used in this case, but in the frederick and pentagon city kasich, hammer was used. -- cases, a hammer was used. police have not connected the cases just yet. >> a man is charged with beating a young father with a baseball bat. charges told the front of the r had virginia tags and the back of the car had illinois plates. >> of a string of assaults last summer. the most serious was the beating of t.c. maslin. >> it was in closing arguments the prosecution focused on the of a string of assaults last summer. the most serious was the beating oftestimony of the defendant, tommy branch. she said that her son told her that he knocked ltc matlin down. she said she also found a baseball bat in his vehicle. but the most compelling testimony was from maslin's wife, abby. >> it took seconds to destroy a family. when her husband did not come home from the game, abby matlin was in a panic. when she saw two charges on his credit card at a gas statio
.c. area, from northern virginia, maryland, the district, who had finished by this stage or in the process of finishing. fortunately, we have not heard of any injuries from folks in this area. we spoke last night to a member of a, montgomery county road runners. dan lives in rockville. he had finished a while before the bombs went off and he was in a bar block and a half away when he heard what happened. some members of his group or nearby. he said you cannot imagine what this race means to runners anti worries now it will never be the same again. >> it is the last thing you expect. this is the super bowl of everything we do have to do with running. this is the world series of our event. people spend their entire lives trying to qualify for this event, they spend the entire year training after they do qualify. an important in the grand scheme of things. -- unimportant. >> you are looking in the direction of the square where the bombs went off yesterday. the fbi is leading the investigation. no word on when some of these streets will be reopened. this is a residential area. as i said, the g
that it produced so many political leaders? >> they were one of the first families of virginia, so you would have had them be involved in the revolution. they have a long history of political involvement. i think it is where they are located by the mid 1800's in the northwest territory, in this area that is opening up in the country, and these men are getting politically involved because of its. >> our facebook page asks, is it true she helped raise her son who became president? any influence she had on her son who became president? >> her home burned, and she went to live with one of the sun's common region one of the sons, -- she went to live with one of the sons. what influence she had, we do not know. grandma's to have an influence. >> there was only a month in the white house, but there were some social things and had to happen. how did that role get fulfilled without first lady? >> there were two other women who carry out her duties. one was jane irving harrison, who was a widow. she was married to one of the harrison men, but he died. now william henry asked her to serve in that capacity,
from our next panelist. it is the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, gov. bob mcdonnell. we will ask you all to exit the stage, if you could, so we could make room for governor mcdonnell and the executive editor for federal, state, and local news within our washington bureau here. susan, if you could come on stage and the discussion with governor mcdonnell. the coonalth of virginia has seen a lower unemployment rate than a lot of other parts of the country but a state that is dealing head-on with the impacts of sequestration and the budget battle. i know we will get some perspective on that from governor mcdonnell. as they make their way onto the stage here, former governors, always a governor. susan, take that for care there -- chair there. governor, thank you for coming. we appreciate it. governor, thank you for being here. i know we will spend most of our time today talking about sequestration and taxes and job growth and the like, but there is this giant news guerrilla in the room today. i really feel like i need to ask you about that, with the fbi looking into your ties
violated people in virginia look at what was happening inside, no ordinary farmer would vote for this. the elites have run us out of the union without the proper consideration of the democratic process. it's very revealing of what democracy was in a slave regime. they often made the case, especially the political elite, the democracy was a mob. they did not like the direction that the electoral process was going. but they had to play the game to get the session through and they strong-armed it through the numbers of states in the upper south, the normal democratic south did not yield to succession. but they did not succeed until they were fired on. and even then, there were eight states and four of them did and for them didn't. that meant that the confederacy ended up fighting with 11 swing states. eleven instead of 15. there were 15 slave states. only 11 states and the confederacy. see see them breaking off a part of the south. never putting the fate of the confederacy. >> host: to jefferson davis ever won an election? just. >> guest: he was a senator. he was nominated as a moderate
purpose does the gentleman from virginia seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move to suspend the rules and pass h.r. 254. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: union calendar number 13, h.r. 2354, a bill to authorize the secretary of the interior to facilitate the development of hydroelectric pow thorne diamond fork system of the central utah project. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule the gentleman from virginia, mr. wittman, an the gentleman from new jersey, mr. holt, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia. mr. wittman: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the bill under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. wittman: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the swrelt is recognized. -- the gentleman is recognized. mr. wittman: h.r. 254 facilitates the development of clean and renewable hydroelectric power and existing facilities
. it happened just under an hour ago at 11:10 this morning on south 28th street and virginia avenue. newschopper2 is over the scene right now. police tell us that three people were shot, one died at the scene. two others have been rushed to the hospital. they are expected to survive. we are still gathering information right now. as we look, once again, over these live pictures of newschopper2, you can still see the yellow police tape on top of the screen and quite a few news crews. no information about what prompted this. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring that to you. >>> fleet week, won't be the same this year, now that the blue angels show has been canceled. we first mentioned this on today's "mornings on 2." new at noon, alex savidge joins us live with a rather family reason behind this change in plans. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. federal budget cuts will keep the blue angels grounded for at least the rest of the year. they are used seeing the jets during the fleet week. it happen this year. the navy made the announcement this morning that the blue angels
go back a long way to colonial virginia. in fact, has started a revolution. so are we sure this is safe? said ancestry and heritage comes in this book quite a bit, might be the revolutionary heritage, but i'm also fascinated that each and everyone of us has a rich family heritage and it's important to remember that ambler from it. the book itself is on our national heritage and what we might learn from the founders with the american commander-in-chief during the. so this book started way, way back when i was fairly young. my father would take us to reenact and at the battle of lexington every year without fail and do it via freezing cold morning in april and we be watching reenactors have a battle. my favorite part was the breakfast afterwards. we would go to this restaurant. the leaders and features his says would dress up in costumes and not the rule a different teacher is. my father had been a dry sense of humor would try and make him break your gear. a guy every year without eventually. so fast forward and sitting in this constitutional law class and describing the comm
won this year. some of the streaks and how long it's been for guys, you see jeff burton, virginia native, mark martin, certainly in that mix. we talked about montoya and jamie mcmurray, who is currently second, part of that chip ganassi racing. already tonight we have seen mini-streaks stopped. kyle busch three straight wins. >> don't you love how the complexion of the things changed. at first it looked like a joe gibbs racing night and now they are nowhere to be found. >> let's listen in on jeff burton and some radio chatter. >> it's what you're made of here, jeff. you can do it, buddy. you can do it. >> richard childress chatting. >> that's a guy that knows how to get things done. they have won races. but the challenge is great, chris. i don't see it happening. i don't see how that front row can hold off the guys charging on him. even just getting a start with used tires will be a challenge. they will be three and four wide down into one. >> i will give michael waltrip a decaf for this. >> jeff burton finished second six times since his last win. that was charlotte, october 2008
of the virginia tech shootings. >>> arlington virginia remembering a tragedy today. >> it is the anniversary of the virginia tech shootings. on this day in 2007. a gunman killed 32 people and injured 17 and shot himself to death. today the victims are being remembered in a series of events. virginia tech cadets did 32 push ups in front of the main campus memorial and wreaths were placed under memorial stones. >> and this week holds a grim distinction, there was the waco assault in 1983, and the home city bombing of april 19th, 1995 and columbine, school shooting april 20th, 1999 and now the patriots day bombing in boston. >> a major earthquake flattened buildings today on either side of the border between iran and pakistan. 34 people killed in one pakistani town. iran state run television said initially another 40 people died but backtracked on that number. the physics center said the quake had a magnitude of at least 7.7 and lasted 40 seconds. it is being called the strongest earthquake in the region in more than 50 years. >>> it is the most extensive
moving in. you can see that on the radar satellite combination, just come into southwest virginia, carolinas, tennessee. we see showers drifting our direction. this stuff will be a close call tomorrow morning. looks like it will stay south of way we're thinking now but we'll keep an eye and this week kind of a mixed bag. most of the week looks ok but we'll talk about it with the forecastther plus coming up in a minute. >> tomorrow is tax day so you to getlittle bit of time the last-minute forms in. franco joined us this morning. >> you have tough economic bend overwill backwards. we are not the i.r.s. in maryland. we are going to absolutely try to be sympathetic to maryland families that have tough challenges. >> according to franco, maryland $2 billion in tax refunds a year. most e-filers receive their returns within three business days. with taxes on just about everybody's mind, controversy brewing over a new fee set to take over in july, the storm water remediation fee based on the amount of impervious service a person's property. sarah sampson is live at in timoniumrities with
, that rain there in augusta is now up through central portions of virginia. light rain for you coastal areas of carolinas from south carolina into north carolina. so a little bit of bad weather out there today. in general, we're still slowly heading in the right direction. 88 in dallas more like it. that's your national forecast. here's a look at the weather outside your window. >>> washington can't complain. 66 degrees. clouds and showers early in the day to the south of d.c. the afternoon should clear out nicely. slight chance of a storm there in indianapolis. atlanta, looking better today. unfortunately there's another winter storm behind the one -- >> you're joking. >> we already have winter storm warnings in the rockies. >> thank you, bill. >>> straight ahead, general motors teams up with ford on a ten speed and the trial of a doctor heats up and a bus driver loses his cool with a curious passenger. details in two minutes with "early today" returns. >>> welcome back to "early today." a director from the cdc will be among health officials traveling to china this week to help authorities
on a story at the scene of an accident on virginia north carolina line. 75 vehicles piled up there. first look here. we are waiting live video from the scene to bring you but the first picture here and some updated information as well. and nuclear armed north korea today announcing it has zero intention of ever giving up its atomic weapons arsenal. all this comes the same day that we learn the pentagon just shipped to the region a number of the u.s. military sophisticated war planes. details on the latest standoff. plus, a u.s. naval ship stuck high and dry on a remote corral reef. the new effort to set the ship free. stay close. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? i just stick the bar in the dryer like this, and it freshens my laundry for me so i don't have to think. wait. what was the question? [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ man ] stick it and forget it. polaris has what you wan legdary atvs led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides featuring the new ranger 800 midsize. and full-size workhorses including the all-new, class-leading, 60-
in virginia-north carolina lines, 75 vehicles piled up there. first look here, we're awaiting lividdo to bring you and updated information as well, and nuclear armed north korea today announcing it has zero intention of giving up it's atopic weapons arsenal. this the same day we learned the pentagon just shipped to the region a number of the u.s. military's most-sophisticated war planes. details on the standoff. plus, a u.s. naval ship stuck, high and dry on a remote coral reef. the new effort to set the ship free. try mail marketing from constantcontact. it's the fastest, easiest way to create great-looking custom e-mails that bring customers through your door. sign up for your free trial today at the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> north korea with fresh talks and threats. and they called nuclear weapons the nation's life. saying they will not be traded ever, even more millions of dollars. last night on f
incrudessing here at the ballpark. 6th anniversary of the virginia tech rampage. 32 people killed, 17 injured before the gunman took his life. 943 this morning, statewide moment of silence be observed. >>> joe biden will baltimore today, joining governor martin o'malley and others at a law building at the university of baltimore. this is video from virginia tech. as far as the vice president's trip here, named for the parent of the orioles owner, peter. more opening events, ribbon cutting ceremony, that's scheduled for april 30th. chris hatfield posted the on twitter. he tweeted his crew heard about the bombings and wanted to pass along condolences and thoughts to everyone affected. we are talking about 7 for today. the west, looking at showers, possibility later this afternoon, evening time frame, heading out to the game, take the poncho, i will show you that forecast coming up. high pressure is out in to to the atlantic. waiting for the cold front to get closer to us. it will move in the warm front in to thursday. this is as you head out map chester, seeing shall be trying to come through t
. as you mentioned matt, dodge channelinger. it'charger, the front plate wasa from virginia, jwr459.jwr4 the back plate illinois. here is the tag number, p563888. >>> prince george's county police have arrested three mens after a robbery attempt at a shooting at a pond shop here at suitland. one of the theand d walked spot store at 1:00 this s afternoon. the security gored inside o guae store shot the suspects but later got one of them showed at the d.c. hospital with a gun shot wound. >>> jury deliberations beganbegn today in a brut alcapital hill robbery and assault case. three men are accused of attacking a man.a one of men is currently on trial. the man used a gun and a bb gun to attack the victim leaving hii with injuries. injuries. they took off with his creditcrt card, and cell phone. >>> jajared crowley sustained shrapnel wounds and still has more than 20bb inside his body. talking from the hospital heitae described the emotional toll itt has taken.has >> you know what happened, and i think for a while, i'm going to you know, need somebody with me, my sister stayed with
.athena jones repo. 3&james holmessin collradd,, jared loughher in arizona, seung-hhi cho at virginia tech, all iih ental health problems and all able to buy punn o kill.would proposed ground restsson a simple propositiin and that is that criminals and he ddngeroussy mentallyyill shouldn't havv guns. but ii's not simple at alllor one thing who's mentally illlunder federrllddff to any mmnnallinstitution.. but staae standards vvry &&prec into the database used to make pfederallbackground checks. proteccion. the senatt bill pakes it clear that sharing is we need to ggt all tte e 33 prcords from the statessinto the federaa system. oday ooer 30 ssates barely repoot any rrcords. take ttnnissmaynard, &ppirginia sheriff ten months deemmd chho,the virginia tech 3 shooter,,mentally ill, ut phat didn't stop hhimfrom holmee and loughnee ffll stte. through the cracck, to, our concern is thaa the wwy l..- this discusssin has taken place, mentaa illness iis eing equaaed ith violence aad that haa a very very negative impact o people. it not only it could evennseeve s a but wwlliig to seek treatment.
rain we have around the metro area. as well as in virginia and maryland. in the green we are getting scattered showers. that is where it is coming down harder. close in view storm team radar shows scattered showers. prince george county southeast and southwest. here in northwest it is not reaching the ground. much of maryland just a very few scattered light showers. and temperatures right now are in the 50s here for the next couple of hours. and then warm up nicely. here is your morning and day ahead. we'll have the rain around during the afternoon and by tonight, still cloudy and down to the upper 50s. in ten minutes a look at traffic now good morning. >> good morning. tom. northbound 95 heavy take ldelay as you approach dumb frees. your dest alternate will be job lynn road. back to you. >> thank you. >> light rain is nothing compared to what we are seeing else wwhere this morning. spring snow storm is giving drivers a hard time right switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click
and the beltway. looking good in each direction. northeast d.c. has a water main break closing west virginia avenue and mt. olivet rd. near new york avenue in northeast d.c. because of bad water main break. belle glade lanes are open past connecticut avenue. good morning. -- the beltway lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. we continue to monitor north korea. the u.s. and other countries are watching to see if north korea will go through with threats to launch a missile. >> john gonzalez has been following developments from the satellite center. >> the u.s. is on high alert again this morning. north korea is celebrating an important holiday in with the backdrop of a looming nuclear threat against the world. keeping the standoff intense, kim jong un's government did a double down. >> although the situation is tense, people have bright faces and are very happy. >> promises of a war with the u.s. and higher quality weapons. secretary john kerry says the u.s. will remain -- but the u.s. will remain on high alert. >> the u.s. will do what is necessary to defend our allies anagainst. it's the
actividad se realizara este domingo, 14 de abril en reston virginia... los participantes podrÁn aprender cÓmo comenzar a ahorrar y planificar para su futuro, independientemente de su situaciÓn economica clase de 30 minutos serÁ ofrecida dos veces durante el dÍa: a las 11:30 de la maÑana y a las dos de la tarde... el evento es abierto al pÚblico... para mayor informacion, acceda a nuestra pagina web. noticasdc. com... estado de virginia que buscan regular las clinicas de aborto. balacera en un centro de estudios de virginia deja heridas a dos mujeres. el causante esta bajo arresto. con fuertes exigencias la sta de reforma migratoria del senado en washington. en los deportes la previa deportiva para este fin de semana. y enterese cuales son los estrenos de cine para el fin de semana... hola que tal?... buenas noches!!!... hola que tal?... buenas noches!!!... se promulgan nuevas reglas en virginia para las clinicas de abortos, las que podrian estar destinadas a parar esta practica, silvana quiroz nos explica mas, silvana. la junta de salud aprobÓ su acuerdo final a las nu
into the 60s under a party to mostly cloudy sky. we'll start in virginia. use caution as you travel in that area. volume as you continue in the city area. thank you. doing what they could to help. >> i want the road cleared. straight ahead. rushing to help after the deadly blast. >> the impact it could have on hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning, but i want something good to do that. i love the aroma, i love the taste. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'! america runs on dunkin' coffee. >>> i need lanes open here. we need to get people away from it. clear everybody out of there. use caution. once again all officers monitoring. use caution. >> i need somebody up there to get people on social media. we are sweeping the streets. once we get it swept. at this time we have the veck times off the scene. >> that is a radio communication. it gives you a sense of the chaos after the attack. it is putting police on high alert. megan? >> well, that parade scheduled to begin at 11:00 am. you can see th
times. as senator joe manchin of west virginia, the courageous senator from west virginia said, quote, "i don't know anybody that needs 30 rounds in a weapon to go hunting." take 30 and reload. so why shouldn't we limit the number of bullets in a clip? don't people deserve is much protection as -- as much protection as birds? how manlower the magazine size l force shooters to reload more often. when this mad man with the strange homosexual colored hairh the strange-colored hair walked into the movie theater with a 100 magazine, the only surprised others was his magazine jammed. in tucson, arizona, we met here in washington yesterday with gabby gifford, a woman who was shot right in the head by a man who shouldn't have a gun. but he emptied a 30-round clip in less than 30 seconds, killing six, injuring many more, including gabgy gifford. -- gabby giffords. in carson city, nevada, a mental lil man went to an ihop during breakfasttime and killed four people, three of them were national guard personnel going to work. he shot 80 rounds in 80 seconds. using three 30-round clips. limiting th
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